Winter Enrichment is Now Open!

Enrichment is a fun and exciting opportunity to expose your child to something new and challenging! We are pleased to announce our Winter 2023 line up of classes. Sign up early to make sure you get the class you want as our classes do have capacity limits.


All classes are held at school from 3:25-4:30pm. Please pick up promptly at 4:30pm in the school lobby - no bus service  






8 WEEKS:  Feb 6, 13, 27, Mar 6, 13, 20, 27 April 3


Sports Mix
Grades 1-5

Participate in a variety of athletic activities such as soccer, basketball, kickball and hockey just to name a few. This program will also focus on developing skills to improve performance and enjoy physical activity. Students will be exposed to many different team and individual sports throughout the program. This class is taught by Mr. Truchsess, PE Teacher at SES



Grades 3-5

Bonjour! Join Catherine McDonough, a native of France, and a habitant of Ridgefield since 2004 in a very interactive learning environment. She will teach all the basics of the French language needed to know for Middle School through songs and movements and will also bring the culture of France in her lessons by using puppets and games.


Ukelele Club

Grade 3-5

Popular for its size, the uke is an easy instrument for kids to enjoy. Students will learn to strum chords to accompany singing songs with the ukulele. Requirement: Students must bring their own instrument of reasonable quality. Ukuleles of reasonable quality can be purchased for about $25 to $35. This course is taught by Mr. Tornatore, Music teacher at SES


Canvas Painting Creations with Giggling Pig Art Studio

Grade K-5

Students will have the opportunity to paint a variety of different images on canvas each week. Instructors from Giggling Pig art studio will take children step-by-step through a painting, breaking it down for all to follow. From landscapes to whimsical creatures there will be something for everyone!



8 WEEKS:  Feb 8, 15, Mar 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, April 5


Music Video Workshop

Grades 5

Students will create a short music video. The class requires actors, as well as creative thinkers and technical people. Students will choose a song. Some students will be the “actors”, while other students will be the screenwriters, videographers and editors. All students will use storytelling and sequencing skills to plan their using a storyboard. This course is taught by Mr. Tornatore, Music Teacher at SES


NYC Street Art Class (class runs until 4:40)

Grade 3-5

This course will be taught by Mr. Thomas DiMarzo. Over 8-weeks students will learn the history of NYC street art.  The students will learn about legendary NYC street artists Jean Michel-Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and James de la Vega.  After learning about the brief history of NYC street art and the artists who made it famous, the students will embark on an art project in the style of each Legendary street artist.  


**Each student that signs up will be provided with a sketchbook, pencils, colored pencils, erasers, and Sharpies.  All your child needs to bring is an open and creative mind. Please note this class goes until 4:40


Scotty Cares Club

Grade K-5

Do you like to throw kindness around like confetti? Do you like to fill other people's buckets? If so, then The Scotty Cares Club is for you! During our time together we will learn about different organizations around town and how we can give back, and support the greater community around us. We hope you will join us in creating these meaningful projects! Join Ms. Donovan and Mrs. Hamann both teachers at SES for an afternoon of helping our local communities.


Art Club with 2 Blue Hens

Grade 2-5

Join Liz Raymond from 2 Blue Hens art room, our art class offered for children in the elementary grades. At 2 Blue Hens, emphasis is put on enjoying the creative process and celebrating what makes us unique as artists. Children will receive age appropriate guidance, the physical tools, and vocabulary to make their own decisions on how to express themselves creatively.  Sessions include a blend of guided art making and independent exploration, with occasional sensory/STEAM experiences. 





When will we receive confirmation of enrollment?
Before enrichment begins, you will receive an email from Kate Krsulich and Tracy Liao to confirm your child’s enrollment.

Enrichment classes are open to students in Grade K-5, but please note some classes do have
grade-level restrictions. No refunds will be available once classes begin.


How does my child get to Enrichment?
Your child will ONLY get sent to after school enrichment if you have selected “After School Enrichment (PTA sponsored)” within School Dismissal Manager. It is NOT an automatic special dismissal just because your child is enrolled in after school enrichment.


Your child will be dismissed to the After School Enrichment Instructor who will take them to the correct room for their Enrichment class by 3:25pm. Pick up is promptly at 4:30pm in the front lobby - there is no bus service. If you are more than 10 mins late for pick up, the PTA will need to charge a late fee of $10 to cover staff costs.


How do I set up Enrichment in School Dismissal Manager?
You will need to set up a “Recurring Dismissal” in the School Dismissal Manager app/website for EACH child participating in After School Enrichment. You’ll only need to do this once. The ending dates you’ll need to enter are below. If you have questions about School Dismissal Manager, Please contact the main office.


What happens if there is an early dismissal due to weather on an Enrichment day?

If SES is canceled or has an early closing on an Enrichment day, Enrichment courses will be canceled for the day and then made up in the future. You will receive an email from PTA with information about make-up dates.


What if my child is absent on an enrichment day? Is there a make-up class?

If your child is absent, they will, unfortunately, miss a day of enrichment. Make-up classes will only be offered at the end of the session if a class was canceled due to a school closure or early dismissal.


Can I send my child with a snack to have before class?

Yes, you can send a nut-free snack with your child to have before class. If there are allergies in the class, we will send out a notice.



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