Order Next Year's School Supplies by June 30th 


Make your life easy and order your child's 2018-2019 school supplies on-line!
With competitive pricing from local retail Squash's, you won't find ANY store with lower prices.
All the supplies will be delivered to your child's classroom on the first day of school.
Just a couple of clicks on Squash's website and your order is done!  What could be easier than that?
K to 3rd Grade -  $30 
4th & 5th Grade - $32*
* Includes a Scotland planner
NOTE: You may enter up to three different names and grades and place orders for three 
pre-paks in one order.  If you need more than three pre-paks, please submit more than one order.
You will receive an email confirmation.
Questions?   Call: 203.438.3635    whitney@squashs.com   or  pamelazupo@yahoo.com
Place your order on-line on or before June 30th. 
Squash's website to order supplies will close after June 30th! Get your order in NOW!