Sept. 24, Oct, 1, 15, 22, 29, Nov. 5  (Nov 26 make-up if needed).
NOTE: Classes will not meet on Oct 8 – Columbus Day

Sports Mix – Grades 1-5

Stay after school and participate in a variety of athletic activities such as soccer, basketball, kickball and hockey just to name a few. This program will also focus on developing skills to improve performance end enjoy physical activity. New games will be taught every week. Students will be exposed to many different team and individual sports throughout the program. Come join the fun. This class is taught by Mr. Truchsess, Physical Education Teacher at Scotland Elementary School. NOTE: This class only will not meet on Oct. 15 with a make-up on Nov. 26.


Min/Max: 6/25 Cost: $125

Canvas Painting Creations with Giggling Pig – Grades K-5

Students will have the opportunity to paint a variety of different images each week. Instructors from Giggling Pig art studio will take children step-by-step through a painting, breaking it down for all to follow. With a very loose and organic stroke everyone who can pick up a paint brush will be able to recreate their very own work of art with the teacher’s guidance. From landscapes to whimsical creatures there will be something for everyone! 

Min/Max: 10/25     Cost: $125  

Happy Code Club: Scratch Coding Jr. - Grades K-2

Beginner coders will use Scratch JR, Kodable and Scratch to create projects that introduce them to functions that control movement, sounds, language, and visuals. Kids will quickly learn to use the blocks and move into artistic creations they can animate with the use of the visual coding language. The approach is always fun and immediately gratifying to children and they want to share their projects with parents and friends alike. It’s coding fun from the first minute to the last. Kids will share their projects during and at the end of the session and take home pictures of their creation. Happy Code Club’s mission is to empower students with the ability, tools, and knowledge needed to excel in STEM related fields. They provide programs throughout Fairfield county.

Min/Max: 7/20    Cost: $135

Introduction to the Ukelele -  Grades 3 - 5

There seems to be a rising interest in playing the small Hawaiian guitar-like instrument known as the Ukelele.  Recently finding popularity again after the familiar recording by Israel (Iz) Kamakawiwo’ole of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Popular for its size, the uke is an easy instrument for kids to enjoy. Students will learn to strum chords to accompany singing songs with the ukulele. Requirement: Students must bring their own instrument of reasonable quality. Soprano Ukeleles of reasonable quality can be purchased for about $25 to $35. This course is taught by Jim Tornatore, Music Teacher and Theater Director at Scotland Elementary

Min/Max: 6/20      Cost: $125




Sept. 25, Oct. 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, (Nov. 13 make-up if needed)


Kempo Karate  - Grades K-5

Learn a series of punches, kicks and blocks in a fun and controlled environment. With traditional martial arts training, children can build character, learn to understand and use martial arts for self-discipline, self-control and respect for others. No contact or fighting is involved. White karate belts are provided. Students may test for belt advancement at session end for a $50 test fee to Ridgefield Kempo. Testing will take place at Ridgefield Kempo (105 Danbury Rd.). Instructor: Sensei William Palardy.  NOTE: This class only will not meet on Oct 16 with a make-up on Nov 13. 


Min/Max: 4/20      Cost: $65


American Girl Club - Grades K-5

Are you an American Girl? This class will look at historic events that have shaped the “American Girl” and discuss events that makes you an American Girl. Each week, we will focus on an inspiring story of a different American Girl in our history featuring a different culture and period in time. We will talk about the unique stories, different lifestyles, and cultures presented by the American Girl series. We will make crafts and accessories, play games, and try different foods enjoyed by others the same age as you in the era studied – including an English tea party, playing Native American games, beading 70’s-style jewelry – and some surprises! The last week, we will have an American Girl party, and we will talk about what an American Girl would look like if you could create one based on your life and experiences! Please note: you do NOT need to have an American Girl doll to participate in this program! Instructor: Carolyn Parker


Min/Max. 4/12 Cost: $125


Happy Code Club: Scratch Coding - Grades 3-5

In this fun coding class kids go behind the scenes of video games and make their own using the programming language Scratch. Students will create animations, stories and solve problems making this class a perfect introduction and/or continuation to Computer Programming with fun projects. Your child will be placed according to skill. The concepts learned in this class are applicable later in our follow up javascript, python and Unity classes. Projects are featured in a Student Showcase at the end of each session and parents are invited. Happy Code Club’s mission is to empower students with the ability, tools, and knowledge needed to excel in STEM related fields. 


Min/Max: 7/20    Cost: $135


Music Video Workshop - Grade 5

Students will create a short music video using Flip Cameras and iMovie. The class requires actors, as well as creative thinkers and technical people. Students will choose a song, then plan and create a story to tell using the chosen song. Some students will be the “actors”, while other students will be the screen writers, videographers and editors. All students will use storytelling and sequencing skills to plan their video using a storyboard. Teamwork is the key! The final video project will be made available for viewing and each student will receive a DVD copy. This course is taught by Jim Tornatore, Music Teacher and Theater Director at Scotland Elementary School.   

Min/Max: 6/12 Cost: $125

Mad Science: Crazy Chemistry - Grades K-5 

This action packed STEM focused after-school program is bubbling over with classic experiments and crazy concoctions! Have bubbling, billowing, ice cold fun when you explore the changing states of matter. Perform spectacular hands-on activities using real laboratory tools. Witness stunning demonstrations and probe the properties of light with some spectacular glow-in-the-dark technology. Students join in inquiry-based discussions as they learn and apply concepts and techniques just like a real chemist. Amazing Mad Science take home items included with each class. Crazy Chemworks is the perfect introduction to elementary chemistry.

Min/Max 12/16     Cost: $125






Sept. 26, Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24, Nov. 7, 14, 28 (Dec. 5 make-up if needed)

NOTE: Classes will not meet on Oct. 31 or Nov. 21


Kids in the Kitchen – Grades 1-5

Aspiring chefs will learn a variety of cooking skills and create delicious recipes from scratch! From making your own fresh corn tortillas for tacos, to creating homemade tomato sauce and pasta to learning how to make soup from simple pantry items, students will enjoy eight weeks of hands-on cooking. All supplies and ingredients are provided. This course is taught by Dona Giorgadze, a personal chef and cooking instructor. She teaches kids and adults cooking skills as well as the basics of preparing healthy, simple and fresh food from scratch. For more information about chef Dona Giorgadze check out her website

Min/max: 5/10      Cost: $220


Theater Arts – Grades K-3

Lights! Camera! Action! Congratulations, you are now a Scotland Star! When you enroll in the after- school theater enrichment program, you embark on a journey to present a musical production in just 8 weeks. Director, Miss Amanda, will guide young actors through every step of the process, from auditions, to rehearsals, and finally to a performance for family and friends. Miss Amanda creates a unique script to showcase every student in the class. Each session students participate in a warm up, play fun theater games (where they are actually learning technique), and rehearse their show. Family and friends are invited to join our last class at 4:00pm for the final showcase. Don’t let the curtain fall on you, sign up today! **Parents may be asked to print scripts at home, and help their kids choose a costume (from their closet) for the final performance. About the Instructor: Amanda Bloom Robbins is a CT based performing artist and arts educator. Amanda holds a BFA from New York University where she studied musical theater at CAP21 and received a Minor in Applied Theater, with a focus on using theater skills in educational settings. Amanda believes in teaching life skills through the arts. Amanda begins by offering a warm, safe, and creative learning environment in which students hone their acting, singing, and dancing skills. Their training then moves beyond the stage, as students develop confidence, self-esteem, enhanced communication skills, and the ability to collaborate with others; skills necessary for overall success in life. Amanda has been fortunate to teach students in CT, FL, IL, and NY in group classes, private lessons, masters’ classes, and productions, and looks forward to teaching in this community.

Min/max: 6/20      Cost: $135


World Language – Spanish, French OR Mandarin  - Grades 1-5

Come and join our language program! LinguaKids offers Spanish, French or Mandarin classes. The students will be encouraged to speak and repeat everyday life vocabulary and will learn about a new culture. Throughout different exercises, multiple activities like games, arts & craft, reading stories they will build basic vocabulary and speak with a flawless accent. Each student will get a book or a folder with worksheets. Our teachers are native speakers and will be happy to work with your children. The goal is to teach a new language, a new culture and have fun at the same time! LinguaKids, is Fairfield County's leading and most extensive language program.

Min/Max: 5/12 Cost: $135 

Make-A-Movie - Grades 3 – 5

Katherine Perry, local videographer of children’s parties for the past 25 years, directs students in the making of their own movie. Each child will write an improvised script for their own mini-movie as well as assist and perform in the movies of their classmates. Students will learn to edit their own movie and add special effects. There will be an award ceremony and screening of all the students’ movies at the end of the session. Parents and friends are invited to attend and students will receive a DVD of their movie. 

Min/Max: 3/6 Cost: $250


Sept. 6 WEEKS: Sept. 26, Oct. 3, 10, 24, Nov. 7, 14. 


Flag Football – Grades 1-5 

Flag football is a growing alternative to full contact football that teaches basic skills and concepts of the game. This class is designed to introduce young athletes to the game while providing a safe environment to grow in the sport. This class is taught by Mr. Truchsess, Physical Education Teacher at Scotland Elementary School. NOTE: This class will not meet on Oct. 17 or Oct. 31. Class will be help on Nov 7 and 14. 

Min/max: 6/25 Cost: $125